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14th Aug 2010 - Betting Tips

Firstly, welcome to our new website - We've had a massive site upgrade in order to provide you the best betting information and tips we feel can. Unfortunately it does mean we've lost all of our old data but it was a change that we felt we had to make. Anway, no money can be made with old bets and odds so it's definitely not too big a drawback!

Secondly, lets get to the action! Opening day of the season is always a tough set of results to call as form can go out of the window and friendly results can prove to be completely irrelevant to how a team eventually performs. Our expert is feeling confident he can out do our system for yet another season but with both being in profit we're not complaining too much!

Lastly, we've added the ability to display some of your predictions for the forthcoming matches below ours, so if you want us to put your betting predictions on here send them through via our contact page whenever you want.

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings
Tottenham v Man City
0-0 @13-2
1-1 @7-1
Aston Villa v West Ham
2-0 @15-2
2-0 @15-2
Blackburn v Everton
0-3 @33-1
1-0 @11-2
Bolton v Fulham
1-2 @17-2
0-0 @8-1
Wolves v Stoke
0-2 @10-1
0-1 @7-1

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

Winnings: £100.00

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Bookie Rating
Sky Bet
Paddy Power
William Hill

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Our resident expert is an ex-footballer who's played and been involved in various levels of the English Football League System, along the way he had a heavy interest in betting and discovered many tips, secrets and ways to predict the results.. we're forever in awe of his talents!

FBT System Winnings:

Our current winnings stands at:


Our Football Betting Tips system is based on the predictions from a selection of knowledgeable gamblers and using a collection of averages combined with a formula that we've spent years perfecting to come to a result it thinks to be the most likely outcome. It's not overly complex but remarkably consistent!


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