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1st Jun 2011 - Football Transfer Betting

The transfer betting season begins now that all the competitive matches are over, this post will detail some of our thoughts on football transfer betting and also any tips we have.

Firstly unless you have insider knowledge (which would be against the bookmakers terms to take advantage of) betting on transfers is a lottery and should be only done as a bit of fun. It's very popular to bet on potential transfers as football fans get all too excited at the prospect of a big name player moving to their club and that means that the odds the bookies offer are generally much lower than the outcome of the transfer should suggest. There are of course anomalies to this but even those can be much more luck than judgement, so don't put too much money into it, you're much better off building up a betting fund for next seasons Premier League matches.

We mentioned some time ago on Twitter (Feel free to follow us - that Ashley Young would head to Liverpool (back when the odds were much better), although the odds for him to go to Manchester United are much shorter now, suggesting he might make Old Trafford his new home, we still think this is a decent bet as Liverpool are crying out for a player like him. Another transfer we mentioned a while back was Peter Crouch to QPR, this is still a decent shout as it's his boyhood club and Tottenham seem keen to refresh their strike force next season (with dreams of Rossi and the like!).

If you have any transfer tips yourselves or news on the grapevine let us know via our contact form and we'll take a look into them and see what other people think about it.

Finally we hope there was plenty of you who took advantage of the SkyBet and Paddy Power money back offers we recommended before the Champions League final. As we expected, Barcelona won the game within 90 minutes and both Messi and Rooney scored. As we mentioned last week this outcome meant that SkyBet and Paddy Power both refunded all Correct Score and Anytime Scorer bets. We actually put a bet on for Pedro and one for Hernandez to score first, the Hernandez one was refunded and we took a nice winnings from Pedro's goal - Win, lose but draw on the latter!

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