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22nd Oct 2011 - Football Tips

Time to rectify the poor showing last week and the best way to do it is to get back onto the winning path, this week we will hopefully winning a bet or a few on the following matches; Wolves v Swansea, Aston Villa v West Brom, Bolton v Sunderland, Newcastle v Wigan and Liverpool v Norwich.

Norwich fans will be excited for their first trip to Anfield in a few years and will also be loving the underdog status that will accompany it. We're predicting 2 results in Liverpool's favour but if you fancy the chance for a big win you can get some very long odds for a Norwich victory (e.g 0-2 priced at 50/1!). That said despite Liverpool missing Lucas through suspension they should have very strong first XI out with the return of Steven Gerrard, it will be interesting if Dalglish will use this game as another confidence boosting match for Andy Carroll in an attempt to get him on the goal trail and as a regular starter.

Another interesting match this week is the visit of Sunderland to Bolton, with both teams struggling so far it could be a real end to end affair and with the defending we've seen from both of them, this game could end up with a goal or a few for either side. This would be a good match to bet on more than 2.5 goals per game as it would be a surprise if they don't concede at least one!

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings
Wolves v Swansea
0-0 @10-1
0-1 @9-1
Aston Villa v West Brom
3-0 @16-1
0-1 @9-1
Bolton v Sunderland
0-2 @16-1
3-1 @16-1
Newcastle v Wigan
1-2 @16-1
0-0 @12-1
Liverpool v Norwich
1-0 @6-1
3-1 @10-1

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

Winnings: £80.00

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