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26th Oct 2013 - Football Bets

This week our Premier League betting tips are on the following games; Aston Villa v Everton, Liverpool v West Brom, Manchester United v Stoke, Norwich v Cardiff and Southampton v Fulham.

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings Place a Bet
Aston Villa v Everton 15:00 2v0 @22-1 1v3 @19-1 0v2 -
Liverpool v West Brom 15:00 1v2 @25-1 3v1 @11-1 4v1 -
Man United v Stoke 15:00 3v0 @8-1 2v2 @28-1 3v2 -
Norwich v Cardiff 15:00 0v0 @10-1 1v2 @14-1 0v0 £50.00 Betting Win!
Southampton v Fulham 17:30 0v0 @14-1 3v0 @12-1 2v0 -

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

  £50.00 Winnings:

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