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Betting Expert's Tips & Methods

There are various ways you can increase your chances to win consistently in correct score betting, on this page I will discuss some of the ideas and principles I use to come to decide which matches to bet upon. Here at Footbal Betting Tips we provide weekly betting tips for your benefit based on 2 principles; a score calculating formula based on form, results and sampling constructed by our in-house Maths graduate and a less Mathematical process where I attempt to offer my advice based on decades of experience and winning in football betting. On this page I will detail my process and also further tips on how to increase your chances to win and win big.

Despite our main goal of providing multiple betting tips across 5 games per week (in total 10 tips), we don't recommend you scatter your bets across 5 matches. A better tactic is to identify a match that you believe will produce an exciting goal packed game as those are the ones to take advantage of in the correct score betting game. If you want to target betting on league matches there are always certain teams that are prone to score and concede in equal measures (think golden era of Keegan's Newcastle managerial reign!), and this opens up the rare scores such as 3v1, 3v2, 3v3 etc which you can normally get odds between 28-1 to 40-1. Choose the right game and you can make a healthy winning but choose the right team on a regular basis and you can make big wins on a consistent basis.

Win Big - Win Well

Attempting to find the right team for league betting is not always the best way, the real golden egg of Correct Score betting is latter stages of a tense 2-leg cup and none is better than the Champions League Last 16 and Quarter Final (at the Semi-Final stage matches are usually tense and tight affairs and best avoided). The Champions League normally offers a few great options for winning big on games at a seemingly reduced risk and I'll explain how. The rule of this tactic is to never bet on the 1st leg but wait to consider the potential game plans of the teams in the 2nd leg matches. Looking at 1 match in isolation, knowing the importance of away goals in the second leg you end up with the potential for game swings which more often than not results in constant changes in tactics for each team. For example, if a team needs to score 2 to win the game, by it's very nature it will be an open match that is bound to produce an early goal or two which changes the outlook of the tie immeasurably. When a point is hit when a draw isn't an option you often end up with the team who are currently in front overall sitting deep and allowing attacks and the opposition usually willingly obliges. What this results in is goals goals goals! When you spot a match like this one team normally stands out as the overall winner but you know there'll be a scare along the way, target the 3-1 or the 3-2 victories and as before you'll find remarkably high odds to take advantage of. In my betting history I've used this technique to produce some huge wins (well into the thousands). The main scenario of failure for this tactic is if no early goal is scored, but given the nature of the competition and the prize at stake the nerves the players have more often than not produces slip-ups and goal causing mistakes. To this date it's still my favourite period of betting in the sporting calendar (perhaps apart from the lottery of the Grand National!).

Hopefully given the previous paragraph you can understand the idea behind the goal fests that can occur in latter stages of 2nd leg knockout matches, the nerves and the desperate tactics generally leads to goals and the bookmakers don't seem to account for this.

You'll also encounter teams that don't concede and at the same time find it tough to score (think 'boring boring Arsenal' from the 90's), in a similar way to before you can cover the 0-0, 1-0 and 0-1 scores but the problem with this is the potential wins are generally much smaller so it's much tougher to justify betting in this manner as the wins aren't enough to cover your betting. Knowing and understanding that should help you to realise how prosperous the high odds (and therefore winnings) bets mentioned above for matches that have an unusually high chance of goals that the bookmakers haven't picked up on.

Further Tips

This is just a brief introduction to the process I go through on deciding which games to bet on, it's not exhaustive as detailing all the ideas and steps could make this page unapproachable. I wouldn't go as far as saying anything on this page is expert betting tips but it broaches some of the ideas that I've used to win money betting on football matches without getting into form analysis and any other time consuming statistical methods of prediction. If you are interested in finding out more then get in touch with us using our contact page and we'll do our best to give you further advice to help you on your way to victory!


Lastly, it's important, or at least advantageous, to make sure you always find the best betting odds possible but also to make use of all the current free bets and offers available. I can't recommend the following book enough to help you with this: The Premier Football Betting Handbook 2010/11, rather than re-hashing the ideas of it here it would really be worthwhile if you read the book for yourself - you really will benefit from it.

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