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For decades football, or soccer as it's known in some parts of the world, has been the most popular sport in the world. It is played by thousands across all of the worlds main continents and is enjoyed by even more. Combine this global love of football with one of the worlds other popular loves gambling and you have yourself a combination that brings excitement, tension, tears of pain and also tears of joy!

At times during each major international football tournament, such as the World Cup or a European Championship, football can truly capture a whole nation. Fans across the world spend hundreds and thousands during the major tournaments in order to travel out and watch their team in action which indicates the interest that there is in the great sport. Many fans also like to have a flutter or two on various different outcomes of matches in order to increase the interest levels that bit more. The number of betting markets these days that exist for a single match are huge and it's normal to have 40-60 betting markets to place bets on. These range from correct score bets, half-time / full-time bets, actual outcome, first goalscorer, last goalscorer, number of goals, hat-tricks, first player carded, last player carded and even whether a player will be carded, the options are always increasing and are always popular with punters. Another betting style that is being played more and more is in-play betting. Since the improvement of Internet technology in the last few years in play betting has become increasingly popular with each bookmaker employing betting specialists and betting expers to come up with the various in play odds to keep them enticing to bet on but also maintain the odds in the favour of the bookmakers.

There are places such as this website where football betting tips can be found in order to help the punter improve their chances of winning. The reason why it can be useful is because although betting on sports is never a certainty the chances of winning can be considerably improved by doing research and watching various form guides and matches in order to get a strong picture of how teams or individuals are performing. Given the number of markets available from the bookmakers there is always a few bets with higher odds that offer a decent chance of coming off for a win. A strong method when betting on football is to pick a game where you have a strong knowledge of both teams and with something riding on the game it's more likely that the teams will perform in a way that is to be expected. The football betting tips added to this website are always based on 5 Premier League matches but we also provide different betting tips and betting offers so keep your eyes peeled out for those. We will also attempt to post weekly deals from various bookmakers such as 'refund all bets' deals that can take plenty of risk out of betting, these are often deals like 'if Wayne Rooney scores the first goal all correct score or first goalscorer bets will be refunded'.

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