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Free Bets - Football Betting Tips

One great thing since the take off of online betting is the level of competition that occurs between the various bookmakers as it offers us some great opportunities to get free bets and kick backs as they all vie for our custom.

A collection of the generous offers available from some of the best bookmakers can be seen below, if you have plans to make a bet ir really is wortwhile signing up, placing the bet and the using the free bet for a different bet and gives you the chance to make some big money in winnings!

Some terms and conditions will apply when you sign up for the free bets so ensure you check the details when you do. We try to keep this page up to date with the latest free bet offers but the bookmakers change the amounts and conditions at various times so the promotions might not be up to date or still in use, at Football Betting Tips HQ we can't be held responsible in this instance.

We really believe it's worthwhile signing up for the free bets at as many bookmakers as possible and then choosing which is/are your favourite/s for future bets. Not only does this give you more free bets to play with but it also means you can take advantage of the best odds by having accounts already setup with a number of bookmakers.

Once you have signed up for a bookmakers there is a high chance they will also offer you a number of free bets along the way so that's another good reason to sign up to a number of them (again we can't be held responsible if this doesn't happen to you but in our experience it always has!).

The free bets normally work one of two ways:

  1. Either you deposit an amount and when you bet the full amount you will receive the full amount back into your account whether you win or lose.
  2. Or you deposit an amount and when you bet that amount you will have the option to bet the same amount on a different bet.

Note if you win with a free bet it is very rare that you would get the original bet amount back in your winnings.

Happy betting!

The Best Bookmakers:

Bookie Rating
Sky Bet
Paddy Power
William Hill

Above shows a table of our favourite bookmakers and betting exchanges. Click the Free Bet buttons to place a bet!


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