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21st Feb 15 - Premier League

After a long hiatus we return with some more weekly football betting tips. This weekend sees the Premier League back after last weekend's FA Cup action and after the bumper pay day from the latest television deal. There are a number of interesting matches to look forward to and some intriguing possibilities for position changes that could potentially occur.

Tim Sherwood will lead out his Villa team for the first time at home Stoke in what could be a tight affair. Villa will be bouyed by the victory last weekend against Leicester in the cup and will hope to bring some confidence from that game into the mathc up today.

Chelsea should continue their charge for another Premiership title under Mourinho's guidance with what should prove to be a comfortable 3 points at home to struggling Burnley. Diego Costa returns for the blues to boost their attacking threat in a game that's likely to end in a few goal advantage for the home team.

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings Place a Bet
Aston Villa v Stoke 15:00 2v0 @12-1 1v2 @12-1 1v2 £60.00 Betting Win!
Chelsea v Burnley 15:00 3v1 @12-1 4v1 @18-1 1v1 -
Crystal Palace v Arsenal 15:00 0v2 @9-1 1v3 @16-1 1v2 -
Hull v QPR 15:00 2v2 @22-1 1v2 @16-1 2v1 -
Sunderland v West Brom 15:00 0v0 @11-2 2v0 @12-1 0v0 £27.50 Betting Win!

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

  £87.50 Winnings:

16th Aug 2014 - EPL Kick Off

We're back after a long break ready with some new correct score betting tips on the return of the English Premier League for the 2014-15 season that kicks off today. With some exciting new talent coming into the league it'll be another tight run thing at the top and bottom of the table.

Chelsea look to have done the most impressive strengthening, it will be interesting to see how the La Liga trio of Fabregas, Diego Costa and Felipe Luis adjust to the pace of the Premiership, something that Fabregas should take in his stride, which Arsenal fans won't enjoy seeing. The two Manchester clubs will be equally as strong, providing Van Gaal can bolster United's defence with a world class defender or two.

Liverpool have been as active as anyone in the transfer market but perhaps lack the Suarez replacement they'll need to come as close as they did last season. Arsenal on the other hand look as strong as anybody in attack, especially with Ramsey back from injury to combine with Sanchez and Ozil.

Our betting tips for this week's set of matches can be seen below, our system and betting specialist are both predicting an influx of goals at the Emirates to start Wenger's season off in a strong way. Keep a lookout for future weekly betting tips and various extra promotions that we'll be posting for free in over the course of the season, including Champions League predictions.

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Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings Place a Bet
QPR v Hull 15:00 2v1 @10-1 0v2 @17-1 0v1 -
Stoke v Aston Villa 15:00 2v0 @9-1 1v2 @19-1 0v1 -
West Brom v Sunderland 15:00 2v1 @10-1 2v2 @18-1 2v2 £90.00 Betting Win!
West Ham v Tottenham 15:00 0v0 @11-1 2v1 @13-1 0v1 -
Arsenal v Crystal Palace 17:30 4v0 @14-1 4v1 @22-1 2v1 -

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

  £90.00 Winnings:

8th Feb 2014- Betting Tips

On a big day of games, including the massive game at Anfield between Liverpool and Arsenal, this week our Premier League betting tips are on the following games; Aston Villa v West Ham, Chelsea v Newcastle, Crystal Palace v West Brom, Norwich v Man City and Southampton v Stoke.

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings Place a Bet
Aston Villa v West Ham 15:00 2v1 @9-1 1v2 @14-1 0v2 -
Chelsea v Newcastle 15:00 3v0 @8-1 2v1 @21-2 3v0 £40.00 Betting Win!
Crystal Palace v West Brom 15:00 1v0 @7-1 3v1 @28-1 3v1 £140.00 Betting Win!
Norwich v Man City 15:00 1v3 @11-1 0v4 @19-1 0v0 -
Southampton v Stoke 15:00 2v1 @15-2 1v2 @25-1 2v2 -

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

  £180.00 Winnings:

1st Feb 2014- Bets And Tips

After a frantic end of the transfer window with many interesting loans and signings for teams towards the bottom of the Premiership, it should prove to be an eventful first Premier League weekend in Februrary. This week we'll be offering up our weekly betting predictions on the following match ups; Cardiff City v Norwich, Everton v Aston Villa, Fulham v Southampton, Hull v Tottenham and Stoke v Man Utd.

The first tip we offer is on a potential big game in Wales, with Chris Hughton's Norwich travelling west to take on Ole Gunnar Soljskaer's men, aiming to at least pick up a point as they attempt to get as many points in the bag before their horrendous end of season fixtures kick in.

Over at The Potteries, United will travel with one of their strongest squads of the season with the hope of continuing the pressure on the top four places, the potential link up of Mata, Rooney and Van Persie should scare any defence in world football - it will be interesting to see how Mark Hughes's Stoke get on.

Matches K.O. Expert FBT System Result Winnings Place a Bet
Cardiff City v Norwich 15:00 2v0 @21-2 1v2 @14-1 2v1 -
Everton v Aston Villa 15:00 3v0 @11-1 2v1 @8-1 2v1 £40.00 Betting Win!
Fulham v Southampton 15:00 0v2 @11-1 2v1 @12-1 0v3 -
Hull v Tottenham 15:00 0v0 @11-1 0v2 @21-2 1v1 -
Stoke v Man Utd 15:00 0v3 @11-1 1v2 @8-1 2v1 -

* All winnings are based on a standard £5 bet.

  £40.00 Winnings:

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